What forms of payment do you accept?
Both personal checks and cash are graciously accepted.  We are very flexible.  You can provide payment weekly or bi-weekly, before or after service. Payment can be picked up by your walker or mailed to Doggie-Do headquarters.

What if I need to make a cancellation at the last minute?
There are no charges for a change in plans.  We simply ask that you let us know as soon as possible by texting the Doggie-Do hotline.

Once we’ve had our initial meeting, how do I schedule or make adjustments to service?
Please send an email for all schedule requests to doggie-do@doggie-do.biz no later than the evening before the day of service. If it’s a last minute request regarding that particular day’s service, please text the Doggie-Do hotline ASAP.

What is your snow policy?
If the Federal government is closed, and/or Arlington/Alexandria schools are closed, so are we. That said, if you have to work, and would still like your service, please let us know and we’ll gladly provide it!

Do you report your income?
You bet we do!  As a small business, we file quarterly statements with the State of Virginia and the IRS.  (Nobody has ever actually asked this, but we assume they wonder…)

Will you care for animals besides dogs & cats?
Certainly.  If you have a pet, we have a customer.

What do you do when it rains?
Get wet!  But your dog is toweled off before he/she returns home.

Do you have references?
Indeed!  How many would you like?

Will you care for my un-neutered pet?
No, unless he/she is too young for surgery.  Dogs often don’t respond well to intact males. We believe there is no good reason for a pet not to be neutered unless you are a breeder.

What are your office hours?
We will answer your call 24/7.  Please use your best discretion.

Will you walk my dog alone, or with others? 
We never walk in multiples.  Your dog’s enjoyment is our sole focus.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes.  For each new client you send us, you will receive one complimentary service of your choosing.

Will you administer subcutaneous fluids?
Yes, and there is no extra charge.

What if it’s really hot out?
We are very attuned to the health and safety of your dogs.  If walks or park visits need to be shortened, you will be advised, and charged accordingly.   As far as going to the park: there are trees for shade, a kiddie pool to cool off in, an ample water supply, and the van is kept running so they always get in and out of an air conditioned vehicle.

What if it’s really cold out?
As always, we are very attuned to the health and safety of your dogs.  If walks or park visits need to be shortened, you will be advised, and charged accordingly.

Do you use biodegradable bags?
We most certainly do! Why put something organic in a nearly-permanent plastic bag?

Do you have pets?
Baby Ruth aka “Ruthie” is our five-year-old Parson Russell/Basset Hound mix.  She’s mostly Jack Russell and looks like a beagle mix.  She is a rescue from West Virginia.  Ruthie is an excellent hostess and the matriarch of the pack.  She literally cares for all of her friends who come to visit.

(N/A) Who watches the dogs when you’re not home?
One of us is always home.  They are never, ever left unattended.  On the very rare occasion if both Andrew and I are out, a Doggie-Do associate doggie-sits the pups at our house.

(N/A) Do you use crates?
We do not.  Our guests have full privileges; they are free to roam.

(N/A) How and when do you feed them?
Generally, we serve at 7:30am and 5:30pm.  If  your pet requires more meals or special attention (i.e. hand feeding) we will gladly accommodate them.  Everyone is fed in a separate space to prevent any opportunity for food aggression.

(N/A) What should I pack for an overnight stay?
Your dog’s food (meals in individually portioned baggies is appreciated – please don’t send a 30lb bag of food – we have no place to put it), food bowl, preferred treats, favorite toys, their bed if you think it will comfort them, medications, and their leash.


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